Highly heat-resistant coatings for industrial applications

The BONDUPAL® series by LÖRKEN-LACKE includes self-developed special coatings for various highly heat-resistant applications

up to 600°C.


BONDUPAL® heat resistant paint LN 9400 is used to preserve hot pipes, exhaust ducts, smokestacks and other hot, heat-resistant, heat-loaded or other surfaces of a metallic or non-metallic origin which are suddenly exposed to heat. BONDUPAL® is a black-pigmented, room-temperature air-drying covering coat, which can handle temperatures of up to 600°C. 


BONDUPAL® R 1012 is an silver colored organic-inorganic combination for coating metals i.e. heat exhausted systems like sheet metals, exhaust pipes, metal-chimneys etc. The paint-coat is a silver metallic surface, which is water-, petrol-, oil-, and salt-resistant. The paint coat is temperature-resistant up to 600°C. The paint coat is resistant against high-pressure steam-cleaners.


As well as being air-drying, full corrosion protection is gained by the effects of the temperature of the respective uses or applications. Starting at 250°C, a silvery protective layer is gained which can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C. This protective layer is also water-, oil-, petrol- and grit-salt-resistant and can withstand steam jet cleaning and also flue gas.


Anti-stick coating for more productivity

With our anti-stick coating, manufacturing in baking lines runs seamlessly. Also when reprocessing baking tins, our anti-stick coating leaves nothing to be desired.


The particular merits of extreme heat-resistant Lörken coatings are due to their special composition and the unique manufacturing technique, which has been improved by decades of experience and constant optimisation.

By continuously developing the coatings and adjusting to new industrial manufacturing processes, Lörken-Lacke can also meet your needs in this area.


We would be happy to provide you with detailed information and have free samples available for you upon request. Of course, our application technology department is also there to support you with individual consultation. Please contact us here!