Coatings for construction protection

LÖRKEN-Lacke is a manufacturer of highly effective  products for construction protection developed by us such as, for example, PROFUNGIT®, an acrylic based dispersion coating for internal and external use as well as protection and maintenance of plaster, concrete and brickwork.


PROFUNGIT® is a white coating material that has a carbonisation inhibiting effect, high hydrophobicity and good steam diffusivity. PROFUNGIT® contains non-leaching fungicides which makes it the perfect mould protection paint and can also be used on existing mould infestations.


The product has been tried and tested for outdoor uses as a coverage material for badly weathered facades and concrete surfaces, surfaces subject to driving rain and protection against abrasive atmospheres such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.


PROFUNGIT® has a large scope of applications in indoor areas, especially in areas with very wet conditions and areas in production facilities of the food industry (breweries, dairies, bakeries, malting plants, cheese factories, meat processing etc.), but also in the wet areas of hospitals,  retirement homes, swimming pools and residential buildings.


BONDUPAL Anti-Condensation

The coating with BONDUPAL® Anti-Condensation by LÖRKEN-LACKE serves to dehumidify and prevent and reduce the formation of condensation in enclosed areas, amongst other things. Able to absorb up to 250g of water per m2 thanks to special components included in the covering material, BONDUPAL® Anti-Condensation is very effective even with one coat just 1 mm thick. The water-based coating material also has an additional sound insulating effect. Also, as a special area of application, the product has proved very effective not only in the protection of buildings but also in the protection of vehicles; e.g. on the interior panelling of the changing systems in container semi-trailers, not just for food transportation.